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Reporting on Websites in TMG Reporter

Last Updated: Aug 16, 2013 04:58PM PDT
There are a few ways to report on specific websites using Fastvue TMG Reporter.

To get started go to the Reports tab and click your desired report type: Overview Report, User Overview Report, or Activity Report. Try the Overview Report if you're unsure.

Next to the date pickers, there is a Filter button. Click this to open the Filters interface. Note, the Filters interface is already open when selecting Activity Reports. 

Open the Filters interface in TMG Reporter

Here we can filter a report by a specific website or range of sites. There are a few different fields we can use for this. Click the Field drop down and type Site to filter the list of fields to just the 'Site' related fields.
Site Fields in TMG Reporter
There are also two URL fields that can be useful for site reporting as well:
URL Fields in TMG Reporter

When TMG Reporter imports the URL fields from Forefront TMG, it breaks the URL into these separate fields, allowing you to filter your report on the section of the URL that you're interested in. 

For example, lets take the following URL as an example:

Here's how the above URL is separated into the different Site and URL fields in TMG Reporter:
  • Site:
  • Site Resource: /search
  • Site Query: q=meerkat
  • Site Domain:
  • Site Country: Australia
  • URL:
  • URL with Query:

Some Filter Examples

Report on all hits to
Site Domain Equal to ''

Note that Site Domain field does not include the sub-domain of a site so, this filter will not work:
Site Domain Equal to ''  // Will not work

To include the sub-domain in your filter, use the Site field:
Site equal to '' // Works

Report on only people conducting google searches:
Site Domain Equal to ''
Site Resource Equal to '/search'

Alternatively, you could use the URL field with the Contains operator
URL Contains ''

Report on specific search terms that people have entered into Google:
Site Domain Equal to ''
Site Query Contains 'meerkat'

Report on more than one search term:
Site Domain Equal to ''
Site Query Contains 'meerkat', 'singing monkeys', 'Justin Bieber'

To include non-google searches such as Bing, just remove the Site Domain filter from the above example:
Site Query Contains 'meerkat', 'singing monkeys', 'Justin Bieber'

The Site Country field resolves the top level domain (TLD) of the site, such as .us, .uk, .au into a real country name, such as United States, United Kingdom, Australia. To report on all sites ending in .au you could therefore use:
Site Country Equal to 'Australia'

Alternatively, you could use:
Site Domain Contains '.au'

Sites that simply end in .com will have the Site Country of 'Unknown'.
Site Country Equal to 'Unknown' // All .com sites and other sites that do not have a country specific TLD

With the information above, you should now have the knowledge to create an effective filter to report on exactly what you need to see.

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