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Productivity Sections Are Blank

Last Updated: Aug 29, 2014 04:29PM PDT


All Productivity sections in TMG Reporter are blank. This includes the Productivity Dashboard, the Productivity sections in Reports, and Alerts that utilize productivity such as 'Unacceptable Browsing'.


There are three possible causes:

1. URL Filtering is not enabled

The Productivity features in TMG Reporter rely on Microsoft Forefront TMG's URL Filtering feature which identifies the web category for any given URL such as Sport, Entertainment, Adult and so on. 

When URL Filtering is enabled, the URL Category is logged along side each web site in TMG's web proxy log files. TMG Reporter then groups these categories into Productivity groups (Unacceptable, Unproductive, Acceptable and Productive). You can configure how these URL categories are assigned in Settings | Productivity. 

If TMG's URL Filtering is not enabled, all productivity sections in TMG Reporter will be blank. To enable URL Filtering, see below.

2. Expired Subscription to Forefront TMG's Web Protection Services

To enable TMG's URL Filtering, you first need an active subscription to Forefront TMG's Web Protection Services (WPS). When you install Forefront TMG for the first time, you get 120 day trial of Web Protection Services. When the trial expires, TMG will start logging 'Unknown' for the URL Category and TMG Reporter's Productivity features will be blank. 

Side Note: Be careful if you ever decide to block the URL Category 'Unknown'. If your WPS subscription expires, all traffic will be blocked.

3. TMG is not logging the URL Category field

If URL Filtering is enabled and you have an active WPS subscription, it may be the case that TMG is not logging the URL Category field. This can be checked in TMG's Web Proxy Logging configuration (see below).


1. Enable URL Filtering

To enable URL Filtering:

  1. Open the TMG Management Console

  2. Click Web Access Policy on the left

  3. On the Tasks tab to the right of the screen, click Configure URL Filtering

  4. Check the Enable URL Filtering checkbox

  5. Click the License Details tab

  6. Enter your Enterprise Agreement number and expiration date (note: Only the first 7 digits of your Enterprise Agreement number are needed). Alternatively, see How to extend Forefront TMG's Web Protection Services

2. Enable a subscription to Web Protection Services

Unfortunately, Microsoft has stopped selling Web Protection Services as part of Forefront TMG's discontinuation. However, there is still a way to enable the feature. See How to extend Forefront TMG's Web Protection Services

For information on WPS licensing and how to configure this in TMG, here is a good comprehensive article:

3. Enable the URL Category Log Field

To ensure the URL Category field is being logged by TMG:

  1. Open the TMG Management Console

  2. Click Web Access Policy on the left

  3. On the Tasks tab to the right of the screen, click Configure URL Filtering

  4. Click the Fields tab

  5. Ensure the URL Category field is checked and click OK.

Still having issues?

If your productivity sections are still blank after completing all these steps, please contact Fastvue Support.

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