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  • Fastvue TMG Reporter (2018-02-07)

    • Settings | Licensing | User Statistics no longer double-counts users with when they're logged as both 'username' and 'domain\username'
    • Updated Self Harm Searches Alert Keywords
    • Improved Fastvue Reporter's DNS resolution for when a Username or Source Host is not logged.
    • LDAP import now imports a user's First/Last Name if their Display Name attribute in Active Directory is blank.
    • Added more diagnostic logging to LDAP security group import to help troubleshoot errors.
  • Fastvue TMG Reporter (2017-11-03)

    • Fixed issue where clicking the navigation menu in Overview Reports doesn't scroll to report section in Chrome.
    • Search term alerts no longer trigger on search terms containing "tbn:" (Google thumbnail IDs). Unfortunately, this change will not affect existing installs. Existing users will need to go to Settings | Alerts, and add a 'tbn:' to the Search Terms 'Does not contain' filter in the Search Term alerts.
    • Updated Site Clean Settings (Snapchat CDNs and adnxs junk URLs)
  • Fastvue TMG Reporter (2017-10-03)

    • Reports now remove browser polls to the facebook chat service that occur when the browser in minimised.
    • Domain extraction from URLs now uses the public suffix list from to resolve issues extracting domains for some ngTLDs, SLDs under ccTLDs, and reversed ccTLDs.
    • The default placeholder filter is now removed when using the 'Load Filter' option.
    • Duplicate import sources can no longer be added.
    • The Start/Welcome page now redirects to the Dashboard page if at least one source has been added.
    • Fixed "AJAX error 0" issue that may display occasionally on certain pages of the application.
    • A modal dialog is now shown in the UI if the backend service is not responding, telling the user to try refreshing or ensure the Fastvue Reporter service is running.
    • Updated default Junk URLs and Domain Substitutes.
    • Fixed error when attempting to remove license keys in Settings | Licensing.
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