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Strange traffic counts

Maxim Jul 03, 2012 09:49PM PDT

Dear collegues,

We have a quite strange situation:
According to TMG Reporter, in a single day we have downloaded 515 GB and uploaded 307 GB over a 5Mb internet connection, which is technically impossible.

I have downloaded a single 700 MB ISO, and according to TMG Reporter, my traffic is more than 60 GB!

Looks like it multiplies it somehow.
Please assist!
Any ideas?

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Fastvue Jul 03, 2012 10:59PM PDT FASTVUE Agent
Hi Maxim,

Thanks for getting in touch about this. Can you tell me a bit about your TMG deployment? Are you monitoring multiple TMG Servers in an array, and are any of these configured as reverse proxies?

Can you also try running a report on yourself and have a look through the report to see if there are any abnormally large size figures?

Are there any blank applications or firewall rules that appear to be duplicating the size values?

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Maxim Jul 03, 2012 11:22PM PDT
TMG standard. Single server with single network connection, acting as a caching proxy. Just 3 access rules configured - one to allow TMG Reporter traffic to localhost, one to block all "unacceptable" destinations, like malware, pornography, etc., one to allow all authenticated users to access web.

I have done a report on my self, and according to the report I have downloaded that ISO file 40 times! :) How that could be possible?

By the way, I have changed my TMG to log everything in w3c files and now it seems to be more accurate. So, looks like there is a problem in getting data from SQL Express.
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Fastvue Jul 03, 2012 11:40PM PDT FASTVUE Agent
Hi Maxim,

That is very interesting, I haven't heard of TMG logging duplicate records like that before. One way to investigate would be in the logs and reports section in the TMG Management console. You could run a query for the site or URL you accessed, and see the exact log records that were recorded. However, if you have switched to w3c text logging, I don't believe the log query functionality in TMG will work anymore.

You could try clearing your data, downloading the ISO file again, and see if it reproduces? To do this:
1. Stop the Fastvue TMG Reporter service
2. Go to your Data Location (C:\Program Data\Fastvue\TMG Reporter by default)
3. Delete the data.fvfs folder and the import.xml file
4. Restart the service.
5. Re add your TMG Server as a source.

We would also be happy to investigate this if you are able to send your sql express database files to us (only send the mdf and ldf files for the dates the activity occurred). You can upload these securely at


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Fastvue Jul 13, 2012 09:34AM PDT FASTVUE Agent
Hi Maxim - did you have any luck getting to the bottom of the ISO download?

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