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No records are being imported into a Source

Last Updated: May 12, 2015 09:36AM PDT

There are a few reasons why records may not be importing into your Source(es).

The Fastvue Arbiter Service is not running

Log into your TMG server and go to Services (Start | Run | services.msc) and find the Fastvue Arbiter service. Make sure its status is set to 'Started'.

Log Path Not Listed In Arbiter Settings

Open the Fastvue Arbiter Settings application (Start | Fastvue | Arbiter Settings) and make sure the paths to your TMG log files (both web proxy and firewall) are listed. This step is only necessary if Forefront TMG is logging to W3C text log, so check your logging options in the TMG Management Console (Logs and Reports | Logging | Configure Web Proxy Logging & Configure Firewall Logging).

Firewall issues

There may be firewall issues preventing communication between the Fastvue Arbiter on your TMG server and the Fastvue Dashboard server.

On your TMG server, add the following rule:

  • Allow
  • Protocol type: TCP
  • Port: 49361
  • Direction: Outbound
  • From: Dashboard Server (either the IP address, or create a computer object)
  • To: localhost

Also add a Firewall exception for "C:\Program Files\Fastvue\Dashboard\Service\Fastvue.Dashboard.Service.exe" on your Dashboard Server.

Re-add the Source

If your source is still not showing records being imported, delete the source and re-add it.

Restart the Services

If your source is still not showing any records being imported, restart the Fastvue Arbiter service on the TMG Server, as well as the Fastvue Dashboard service on the dashboard server.

Could not connect to Arbiter?

If your source is showing the issue "Could not connect to Arbiter", please see our other article Could Not Connect To Arbiter for advice on how to troubleshoot this issues.

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