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Separete TMG Server by panel or site

Guilherme Nov 29, 2013 05:30AM PST

I want to separate the Panel or website by tmg server, how can I do this?

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Fastvue Nov 29, 2013 07:29AM PST FASTVUE Agent
Hi Guilherme,

Thanks for getting in touch about this.

To have a separate dashboard per TMG Server, you need to have multiple installs of TMG Reporter (on separate servers or VMs) with each pointing at a single TMG Server. You can then browse to the correct TMG Reporter to view the dashboards or reports for that server.

For example:

Being able to separate dashboards and reports globally by fields such as Server, Department and so on is and providing role-based access to these views is on our roadmap, but I cannot provide you with an accurate ETA on that just yet.

I hope this helps in the mean time and that everything else is going well with the software.


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Guilherme Carvalho Nov 29, 2013 09:20PM PST
Thanks a lot!

I'll do this..
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Fastvue Nov 29, 2013 09:20PM PST FASTVUE Agent
No problem! Let us know how you go.

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Guilherme Carvalho Nov 30, 2013 06:42AM PST

I finished, but I have a doubt.

One of dashboards showing this 'No data' in "bandwidth", "productivity" and some reports, however the other is normal.

What can cause this problem?

Thanks for Help!
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Fastvue Nov 30, 2013 06:46AM PST FASTVUE Agent
Thanks for letting us know.

If some data is populated, but the bandwidth and productivity sections are blank, then it sounds like TMG Reporter is not picking up the Web Proxy logs.

Open TMG's management console on that server and check the logging configuration for both the Firewall and Web Proxy logs.

Are the Web Proxy Logs logging to W3C text log? If so, check the location they're being logged to, and then add this location in the Arbiter Settings Application on the TMG Server (Start | Fastvue | Arbiter Settings)

If not, let us know how the logging is configured.

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Guilherme Carvalho Dec 01, 2013 11:48PM PST
I set the logs in the same way that the other server, the data are now emerging, such as the network traffic is lower during the weekend, I believe that now is normal, I will follow to give.

Thanks for your help, thank you
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Fastvue Dec 02, 2013 12:09AM PST FASTVUE Agent
Great news. Thanks for letting us know!

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