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Specifice device Information

Robert Eastman Jul 23, 2014 05:13AM PDT

Can fastvue determine what type of device is accessing our External TMG Array i.e. iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows PC?

Can it determine if the device that accessed the External TMG array is part our domain so a report could be generated by employee access (domain) vs Guest access?

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Fastvue Jul 23, 2014 12:20PM PDT FASTVUE Agent
Thanks for getting in touch about this.

TMG Reporter will certainly help you report on this information depending on how you segment guest access vs regular domain access vs VPN (remote) access to the domain.

In TMG Reporter you have the choice of filtering reports by Networks as defined in TMG - for example 'VPN Clients' or 'External' or 'Internal'.

You can also filter by subnets - for example Source IP 'In Subnet'

You can also filter by authenticated usernames - for example User 'Not equal to' anonymous, or User 'Equal to' John

You can combine these filters and use different operators such as 'Not in subnet' or 'Starts with' or 'Does not contain' etc.

The final report can be either an Overview Report showing lists of authenticated usernames and source and destination IPs etc, or an activity report showing a chronological list of sessions throughout the day grouped by hour.

Unfortunately the reports do not contain a section for 'Devices' so you won't be able to tell if it was an iPhone or Windows PC for example. This is a feature we're considering for a future version, as this information is available in the User Agent field in the TMG logs. If this is a show stopper, our other product WebSpy Vantage lets you customize the content of reports and apply an alias to the User Agent field to group them into devices.

I hope this helps! Please let me know how you go.


In the final report, you will have a list of all Users that have
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Robert Eastman Feb 20, 2015 03:03PM PST
Now that we have TMGReporter, has the ability to find out what kind of device connected to TMG?
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Fastvue Feb 20, 2015 04:44PM PST FASTVUE Agent
Hey Robert,

Thanks for getting in touch about this. Unfortunately TMG Reporter does not show the type of devices connected to TMG - however it's a great idea and we'll see if we can add it as a feature soon. I'll keep you posted.

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Robert Eastman Feb 24, 2015 09:31AM PST
Thanks Scott,

That is what my management wants to see. What kind of devices are out employees using to connect to TMG externally. Since the TMG logs already have this information it should be "easy" (no experience here so don't quote me on the word easy) to include I would think.

We are going to stay with TMG because it does what we want it to and it is still supported for a few years. In a couple of years we will be looking to replace it, possibly the F5 solution or I need to look into SOPHOS product also.
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Fastvue Feb 24, 2015 03:42PM PST FASTVUE Agent
Hey Bob,

Yep - the TMG logs include the User Agent, which are horribly ugly and require some massaging to display a simple 'device'.

There's also varying levels of granularity as well:

Device Family (Mobile, Desktop)
Device Type (Phone, Tablet, Phablet, Desktop)
Device Model (iPhone 6, iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy S6)
Device OS (Windows, iOS, Android, MacOS, Linux)
Device OS version (Windows 8.1, iOS 8, Jelly Bean, Ubuntu x.x)
Application (Mobile Safari, Mobile Chrome, iOS Facebook App, Chrome Desktop)

I don't believe we can determine the first three above using the User Agent field though.

I know Sophos UTM now includes a 'Device' field that provides Device OS information. We're not yet using it in Fastvue Sophos Reporter but it is on the roadmap.

We'll keep you posted.


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